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my mom told me i can’t reblog from you anymore

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  1. Person
  2. Color
  3. Food
  4. Smell
  5. Book
  6. Movie
  7. Music artist
  8. Genre of music
  9. Genre of literature
  10. Magazine
  11. Texture
  12. Time of day
  13. Day of the week
  14. Tumblr
  15. Thing to do when bored
  16. Celebrity
  17. Class in school
  18. Website other than Tumblr
  19. Drink
  20. Precious stone
  21. Animal
  22. Flower
  23. Time in…


(A)re you single?



(D)rink you last had:

(E)asiest person to talk to:

(F)avorite person:

(G)rossest thing that comes to mind:

(H)ome town:

(I)n love with:

(J)ealous of:

(K)nown as:

(L)ongest friendship:

(M)iddle name:

(N)ame of mom:

(O)ne wish:

(P)erson you…


i have two moods:

1. everybody get the fuck away from me

2. someone come over and cuddle and watch movies with me

there is no in between

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Giving advice to one of your friends on how to get over a break up who is absolutely heartbroken, when you’re the one in your friend group who has been through a few shitty break ups, is so hard. I thought it would be easy cos I could relate and stuff, but nope… turns out it’s harder cos I coped with it in my own way.